Youth Ambassadors Program
About SAYA
“Sowers Action Youth Ambassador Programme” (SAYA), founded in 2006, is a secondary-school-sector charity educational programme leading by the volunteers of Sowers Action. Until now, over 850 secondary school students have joined our program. Aiming at enhancing the leadership skills, ability of activity-organizing, our program conducts large variety of training programs including workshops, talks, training camps etc.

The exchange trip to China is one of our highlighted programs. To deepen students’ understanding and experience on the education issues in China, participants will stay in residence hall of the local high school and visit the local village for gaining the hands-on experience on the living of typical students in China. Besides, a “one to one matching”, assigning one Hong Kong participant to one local student to form pair, will be offered. Each pair is required to join all activities together during the seven-day-trip, we believed that the matching can create opportunities for cultural and academic exchange to further influence and enhance the personal growth of the participants. After the trip, a sharing session will be held to call for concerns and care to the rural China in the Hong Kong society.
  1. - To promote the education development projects in China of Sowers Action to the next generation.
  2. - To allow participants become well-equipped leaders with good leadership and problem-solving skills.
  3. - To facilitate interaction between Hong Kong and China students for cultural and academic exchange.
Target: Secondary 3 to Secondary 5 local students recommended by school teachers
Year Plan
Event Period Content
Briefing and Interview Day 3rd,10th,11th October Interview applicants; Introduce Sowers Action, the year plan and other related details
Guest Lecture and Workshop 1 Oct - Nov Understanding China's education situation
Guest Lecture and Workshop 2 Oct - Nov Understanding the development of non-profit organizations and child welfare in China
Guest Lecture and Workshop 3,4 Oct - Nov Teach how to write proposal and the skills of organizing activities
Winter Camp December Day camp
School-based activities period Jan - Feb Conduct the planned school-based activities in their mother schools
Closing ceremony March Closing ceremony and disturb certificate to the applicants
Pre-trip Training camp March - April Build up team spirit and problem-solving skills.
Exchange Trip Briefing April Briefing
Exchange Trip Easter Holiday Trip to remote area in China for an academic and cultural exchange
Sharing May Sharing of the Exchange Trip
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