Be a Member

At the beginning of Sowers was found, we have completely realized that, as Hong Kong this tiny area, cannot change this poor and underdeveloped situation which has existed in China for more than thousands of years. By no means can those dropout students’ returns to school simply rely on our Sowers. Only by delivering the message of Chinese villages’ poverty to people in other parts of the china, especially those who has developed and has became rich and asking them to take efforts together with our Sowers to make changes to Chinese countryside and remote mountainous areas, bringing knowledge there, can we change the situation of poor villages’ dropout in China, and make more illiteracy people have access to education and strive for China’s prosperous.

If you are in favour of the purpose of Sowers Action’s Educational aid, we would like to invite you to join us, become our member, spread Sowers Action’s educational aid information and donate to support us.

Member's Right
  • Attend Organizing Committee and assist organizing activity.
  • Join the Executive Committee to assist and develop Educational aid.
  • Members have rights to vote, to compete and to be elected as Director of Sowers Action.
Member's Responsibility
  • Practice Sowers propaganda, join in Sowers activities.
  • Members should be in line with Articles of Sowers and any rules and regulations approved at any time by board of directors.
  • Members should fully understand the difficulty of our educational aid in mainland, so under no circumstance should they demand any compensation for any loss of life and property.
  • Apart from special purpose donation, all funds raised are for educational aid, so the transportation, accommodation and any personal cost should be paid by members themselves.
  • Without permission of board of directors, members should not attend any other activities on behalf of Sowers Action.
Member Fee
  • Ordinary membership: HK$240 per year
  • Permanent membership: HK$2,400