Working Groups

Work group consists of three to five members or volunteers. They, on behalf or Sowers Action, travel at their own cost to district where they helped, to do on-site assessment, to interview students, revisit schools, teachers and principals to follow up how the resources are allocated. They check and accept the re-built school buildings, communicate with local government, experience cultural activities etc. There are 70 work groups, around 290 persons dispatched to different areas every year.

Research site: :

Districts where get helped (YunNan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Gansu etc.)

Requirements of volunteers :

Anyone who is interested in our commission and above 16 year old, prefer mandarin speakers.

Period : Normally works around Easter, Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China on 1st of July, National Day on 1st of Oct and Christmas vacation. Work days are about five to ten days.
*Two training courses have to attend before departure.
Join Us:

Please fill in the volunteer application form, and hand in to Working Groups Co-ordination Team. (Email: Fax: 2597 4731). We will interview candidates within one month and provide introduction of working group.

Call to enroll:

Call us at 2597 4739 during office hours to enroll.
Office time:  09:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday
Office closed on Public holidays

  • Guidance at Work for Working Group

    On-site assessment and submit report thereafter to the Project Funding Services Department to decide whether to subsidize and what project to subsidize.

    2. Check and accept subsidized projects.
    3. Follow up and review subsidized projects

    Visit and interview sponsored students to know about their current education and family condition.


    Communicate with related local government departments and officers to establish a partnering relationship for better services and provisions for students.


    Proactively advised the way forward to execute and fulfill the tasks of Working Groups for higher efficiency and more fruitful outcomes.

  • Teaming of Working Group

    Project Funding Services Department will be the coordinator of the Working Group. Regional Executive and group leader will decide when, where and what jobs are going to do and then recruit interested volunteers to build a Working Group. The most effective Working Group consists of 4 to 5 persons.

  • Preparation before Setting Off

    Two training sessions are compulsory for group members. The details of training will be notified at the time of the Working Group volunteers met. Normally the training will be arranged around 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on weekdays.

    2. n order to fully understand the process, work nature and tasks of Working Group, volunteers should participate in the preparatory meeting prior setting off for China for two times at least, during which job will be assigned separately in the context of budgeting, photo-shooting, questionnaire surveying and others after discussion. All group volunteers should share their experience after returning to Hong Kong.

    Working Group volunteers would be requested to sign a written statement that indicated all accidents are at their own risks.


    Working Group volunteers should pay registration fee and travel expenses before due day. (members HK$100, Non-members HK$150). Basic Expenses for joining trips to:  Yunnan (ShaoTong), Sichuan and GuiZhou HK$ 3,500; Yunnan (LinCang) and Gansu HK$4,000. These expenses should be paid in advance and will be settled after returning HK. Surplus returns, deficit repaid.

    5. All Working Group volunteers should buy travel insurance at their own cost and pay attention to the “accidental insurance” should cover not less than HK$500,000. The insurance policy and receipt should be handed in to Sowers Action at the second training course.
  • Transporation

    Transportation will be arranged by Sowers Action.

  • Requirements and responsibilities held by Working Group Volunteer

    Should not donate personally during the visiting.

    2. Should not accept any gift.

    Should not raise fund in HK on behalf of any mainland schools.


    Should understand the difficulty and danger of this volunteer work, any loss of life and property are not held responsible by Sowers action.

    5. Approach the needy with an equal and respectful attitude instead of a high profile giving behaviour.

    Should respect local people and their culture, be courteous and be neutral, should not force them to accept HK life style and any personal thinking, cultural exchange is welcomed anyway.


    Working Group is the working arm of Sowers Action, any members’ performance will directly or indirectly influence our image and reputation. Working Group volunteers are therefore expected to hold responsible for defending Sowers’ mission and vision and help develop further education aids.


    Working Group is conducted as a small team, team members should bear team work spirit, observe and coordinate well with the team leader to accomplish the tasks.

  • Follow Up after On-Site Assessment

    Working Group volunteers should discuss and submit written report to Sowers action within two weeks after returning to Hong Kong.

    Working Group volunteers should participate in sharing meeting after returning to Hong Kong.
  • Reporting of Working Group

    Working Group should submit written report to Sowers action within two weeks after returning to Hong Kong. Report should have the following contents:

    Report of revisiting school, assessment and approval for new constructions, if any.

    All forms that must be filled in for mainland visiting.

    Questionnaire of interviewing students and teachers.

    Meeting minutes and notes at the time of visiting.
    Financial report with all receipts.
    Photos and films with captioned descriptions.

    ***Please refer to Funding Services Department for all the specification of forms and reports.