Beneficiary Activity Scheme

In additional to individual donations, support from all sectors of the society and different institutions are equally important for charity groups. We would like to invite enterprises and other institutions to launch charity functions with Sowers Action as the beneficiary institution so as to support students in impoverished regions of China, fulfil social responsibilities and contribute to the society. Besides, initiatives of serving the under-privileged can create heartfelt bonding among colleagues and consolidate relationship with clients.

For more details, please contact our Communications Department at 25974739.
Refuelling Sowers Action Financing Our Operation

One of the most outstanding features of Sowers Action is the separation of charity funds for education assistance from operation funding. All donations for education assistance have to be fully utilized for the said purpose, the deduction of a certain percentage of the donations as the funding for the operation or activities of Sowers Action is prohibited. This practice enables us to earn complete trust from our donors.

For more details, please contact our Communications Department at 25974739.

One-Off Donation
One-off donation without designated educational assistance projects will be 100% used for teacher training, student sponsorship, special education & schools and facilities construction. No administrative fee will be deducted. For making donation, please bank in to the following "Sowers Action" account:-
HSBC   084-0046072
BOC   012-875-1-092814-7
BEA   015-514-25-13539-5
Please keep the receipt including bank-in-slip, ATM receipt or online payment record, and get contact with us. Please do not mail cash or bring along with large amount of cash to our office.

Donations in kind


How should firms or manufacturers deal with their excess inventories?  Why not donate those valuable goods and supplies to someone who needs it. This practice can help others as well as reducing waste!

Sowers Action also accepts donations in kind. Stationery, school supplies, and winter supplies such as scarves and gloves are the items that we often receive. Normally, the respective working groups or charity walkers will bring these items to schools in poverty-stricken mountainous regions as gifts for the teachers and students. These small gifts represent our care, love, and best wishes. Well, we won’t be disappointed because the children are really happy for receiving presents and you can feel the simple joy showing on their faces.

As we have tight budget, please kindly arrange delivery for your donations in kind.

For more details, please contact our Communications Department at 25974739.

Perpetual Education Fund
The Fund adopts a prudent approach in investment and the gains from the investment will directly subsidize poor Chinese students in admission to school, education and further studies. As its principal itself will never be utilized, the subsidy scheme is on an on-going basis though funds for education subsidy are subject to influence of the investment environment.