On-Site Assessment

To make sure that the need for assistance is genuine, Sowers Action emphasizes on conducting on-the-spot investigations. Our work team members will go in person to the localities concerned to obtain first hand understanding of the people's needs. For this reason, Sowers Action manages to offer assistance on a wider scope. In brief, we value actual participation.

Direct Subsidy

To assure donors that their hard-earned money is well spent, we require all assistance to be directly provided to the recipients. This is done through written agreements.

The written agreements, in which rights and obligations of both the assistance provider and assistance recipients, contents of assistance and date of receipt are stipulated, will be signed and sealed simultaneously by authorized representatives of the units receiving assistance and of Sowers Action. Thereafter, both the assistance recipients and Sowers Action are liable to follow up on and monitor the progress of project implementation.

At the time when an agreement is signed, representatives of Sowers Action will sign along side representatives of the education department of the locality, village and county as well as the officials from the Youth Development Foundation of China. Immediately thereafter, assistance in the form of a bank-draft will be handed over to the assistance recipient. Upon completion of a project, Sowers Action will retrieve all receipts issued for payments made against the assistance amount.

Long Term Follow-up

To show our concern for children in China who are forced to drop out from school, we believe that giving money alone will not be enough; we want to give more. We have a belief: education development is not something that can be done in 3-5 years’ time. A consistent long-term development plan is needed before any improvement can be made to the root of the problem. If we simply provide monetary assistance without physical participation in the assistance process, people may be misled to think that a one-time donation will solve the problem. But, in fact, the problem persists.

Aside from monetary assistance, what we bring with us also includes care and support. It is not easy to work as a teacher in these impoverished mountainous regions, to these people, spiritual support is more important than material backing.

Upon completion of an assistance project, Sowers Action will dispatch work teams to the site to ensure that all the requirements of the agreement are strictly complied with. For example, re-visiting assisted schools, teachers, visiting families of assisted children; photographs will be taken of the construction materials to show how they were used and etc. In this manner, performance from both sides to the agreement will be assured.

「Remarks:We do all our best to follow the three rules, however, we will compete our funding projects from a practical perspective depending on actual situation. Please contact our staff member for any enquiries