Who We Are
Established in 1992, Sowers Action (Tax Exemption No.: 91/3859) is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit-making registered charity in Hong Kong, committed to promote education aid in rural China by providing multidimensional support measures such as student sponsorship, school construction and facilities, teacher training, children & youth welfare and special education, bringing education to underprivileged or disabled students. Emphasizing “On-site Assessment, Direct Subsidy and Long Term Follow-up”, we raise funds for education aid and operational expenditure purposes separately to ensure all generous donations are used in an effective manner.
Major fundraising events, including “Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon”, “Walk to Guangzhou”, “Long March for Education”, “Ancient Tea Horse Route Expedition”, “Walk for Children” and “Cycling for Education”, are held annually to raise public awareness about the cause we support.
As of June 2016, Sowers Action has funded over 1,290 school construction projects, subsidized over 296,000 primary and secondary students and 1,292 university students, 29,300 teachers for teacher training programs, operating 1 girls’ high school, 1 children’s home and subsidizing 1 orphan school, 2 additional children's home are under preparation. Altogether, we have raised over RMB460 million for education in Mainland China.

No child in China should be deprived of education due to poverty.

To provide children in poverty with good education conditions and healthy environment to grow up by pooling social resources and mobilizing volunteers ’efforts on school and children’s home projects.

Multipurpose Educational Aid
"Sowers" symbolises student and school, and "Action" means active participation. We are committed to promote education aid in rural China by helping poor or disabled students to complete their education. We strictly follow our rules of "“On-site Assessment, Direct Subsidy and Long Term Follow-up”, making sure donations are used effectively and aiming to assist the development of impoverished localities in China with the view of enabling people there to become self-reliant. For years we hold a core belief that “Education is the Best Cure for Poverty”, and with the changing needs of the society, we have started to advocate “multipurpose educational aid”, extending our focus from hardware facilities to teacher training, student sponsorship and special education as well.
All Glory Goes to Our Volunteers

It is you who are open-minded enough to abandon your prejudice so as to seek common ground with others while reserving your opinions to yourself. It is you who are humble enough to put down your ego and regard education assistance as your main concern. It is owing to your consistent support in these 20 years that Sowers Action has been to continue its work until this day. Thank you, volunteers of Sowers Action! When Sowers Action was presented the winner in the Community/Public Affairs category in the “2006 Leaders of the Year Awards”. Its representative openly declared that “All glory goes to our volunteers.”

Awards and Recognitions